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About Us
In CURA NETWORK.COM our aim is to provide full information about medical healthcare providers, drugs, medication, medical supplies and other important information to be used easily and directly by public patients, researchers, healthcare management professionals and other interested users.

CURA NETWORK.COMis a product of Worldwide Health Care Network Comp. LTD.

Medical Network
Hospitals , private clinics, dispensaries , laboratories , specialized centers , medical institutes ,diagnostic centers , health centers , pharmacies , and most of the health provides all over the world , will be available for you here in Data, addresses, telephones, faxes, working days, and more information you may need, will be available for our users easily. If you have a preferred health care provider not listed with us, or you are a health care provider not registered yet, please go ahead and send us your data and profile, we will publish it, no charges, it is for free. We are working to locate all the health providers on our navigation maps to make them easy to be reached. Enjoy navigating with us; find the road you will use to reach there. In CURA Network, we welcome your researches and medical news to be published on the website; we will revise it and directly publish it, take the chance and send us your news and your profile. Again we assure you it is for free, no charges, it is for the use of the public and the professionals. CURA Network always welcomes you as public user or as a member.

Healthcare and Insurance Network
Join us put your data and information, edit your profile, let the public and the professionals know you, not only inside your country but also all over the world? it is all for free .surly you need to be with us as most of the companies world wide will be registered on our website soon .Our aim is to make an easy directory to all of our users , which help both the public and the industry professionals to communicate together easily . We have also a special sector for the health care management companies or any other similar companies , it is a paid section , secured with user ID and password with new ideas and concepts ,we are offering our members here to exchange their local benefits with other companies world wide ,taking the advantage of using the others local benefits , now you have world wide benefits and world wide network ,your client can use it ,on cash basis , no financial involvements , your company discount and special agreement are secured no one will know it , we will publish only average figures .You will edit your network by your self ,adding your preferred medical providers to the global network we have , what opportunity you will give to your network .you can contact this global network by your self directly or through us , to follow your card holder . As if you are there, many more benefits you will get.

Website Community
It is your community , here you can find all the data and information on the website for free , as a public user we , we included all what we have got about medical providers , health care management companies , pharmaceutical companies , Para medical companies , herbal centers , insurance companies and other services providers you need . Offers from several and different providers , not only in the field of the health care , but different types of services for our users in multiple countries , all you need to get this special offers is register with us as a member of our website ,it is free ,nothing to pay , we will provide you with our update news , and you will be one of our preferred members . Share with us this area of web, give us your opinion, your needs, what to add, how you see us, we will work with you here to have a satisfactory website to our users.

Pharmaceutical Network
Yes we have added Pharmaceutical on this section of our website ,which are not available in other websites .We are introducing to you as a public or professional user data about the pharmaceutical ,Para medical , medical supplies companies ,how to contact them , their products , branches and more data , you may need it at any time .We added a match engine to let you know how to find your treatment any where in the world by its trade name or generic name ,you will get the name of the company and what are the same generic product which may replace your drug if you forget or lost your treatment .Also you will find data for all the medical suppliers , with links to contact them , it is easy way to get what you need .All services are for free . We will add also to this site our map navigation system to help you locate any company you want to buy from it .All our services are for free, and multilingual, welcome to World Wide Health Care Network.
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